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TANA Pro Track
  ProTrack is a wireless connection to Tana Control System through the Internet

What are the benefits?
  1 Maximum uptime – service package
    • Remote access for quicker and more accurate trouble shooting by the distributor and Tana after sales
• Critical alarm notifications to several receivers by e-mail
• Reminders for scheduled maintenance to several receivers by e-mail
  2 Accuracy to cost-follow up– report package (additional option)
    • Monthly operational reports to given e-mails e.g. working hours, fuel consumption, work load…
  3 Efficiency and work-safety – production assistant (extra option available for compactors only)
    • An additional GPS-based system to help in realizing the filling plan and control the operation
• 4-colour chart showing the number of machine passes
• Possibility to mark down location of certain waste
• Waste truck control
• Possibility for cost allocation
How do I get it?
  • Tana ProTrack is available for Tana Gx Series Landfill Compactors and Tana Shark Mobile Shredders
• Contract for service and report packages for 12 months at the time
  The TANA Pro Track remote management package sets Tana Gx Series compactors further apart from the rest. Three different service packages are available. The first is the service pack, which comes with the basic module. Technical support will be able to access a machine's control system immediately wherever the internet is available. For our customers, this means shorter time taken in troubleshooting and maximised machine uptime. The system and connections are described in the picture below. The second package is an operational report of the machine being sent to allocated e-mail addresses every month. This is available as an option and opens up new possibilities to our customers for improving the efficiency of their operations. Clicking link number one below opens an example of the operational report. The third package is available only for Tana Gx Series landfill compactors as an extra option and it is called TANA ProLoc stant. It is a real help in planning and carrying out daily operations on a landfill and an additional tool for improved work safety. Please read more on the presentation behind the link number 2 below.
For more information, view the Pro Track PowerPoint presentations below
ProTrack   ProTrack
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